What is Web Design?


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Web design is one of the most important aspects in a website. A design is defined as the process of collecting ideas which is arranged and implemented with the guidance of certain principles of a purpose. Web design is also defined as the process of creating ideas with contents, presented on electronic web pages, which is accessed by internet users.

Web design has its own visual elements which include the content, layout, graphic, color and fonts. The content refers to the messages in the page which is important as it relays the purpose of the web page.  Get more info about web design at web design The layout is the way the texts and images are arranged in the page in a well- balanced and consistent design. It helps the visitors to find basic information in the webpage and the nature of the business. The color of the website conveys the personality and the nature of your business. Graphics, which include photos, logos, clip-art and icons, need to be arranged appropriately complementing the theme and the color of the website. Fonts can enhance the web design as well, making sure that the fonts are readable and good to the eyes.

Aside from these basic elements of web design that make a site visually beautiful and attractive, a website should be user-friendly as well. A web design should pay attention on an easy navigation of the page, so that the user will have an easy way of exploring the webpage and getting the information that they need. There should also be videos and audios to keep the user to stay in the webpage with instructions presented in a quick and easily understood manner.  Continue reading more about web design at dc web design It should also be considered that the design of the webpage is compatible to all kinds of browsers and operating systems to have an increased number of views. The webpage should also be interactive by putting chat boxes for inquiries and suggestions or putting email forms and sign ups. This is a way of reaching out to potential customers.

Webpage design is very important in attracting potential customers in the long run, especially if you are just starting up the business. Web designers should consider all of these elements to not only achieve the exact purpose of the business webpage, but also to convey the purpose to the viewers or potential customers. It is important in building trust to the customers and to entertain them as well through the web design. read more here https://www.britannica.com/topic/Web-script




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